Advertising Portfolio

My internships and classes have provided the opportunity to create style guides, logos, and advertisements to help build brands’ identities and stories.

Serena Williams Design Crew – Nike

Style Guide

In MEJO (Media and Journalism) 591 and 572, we worked with the Serena Williams Design Crew to create an experiential design highlighting her latest collection located at UNC. Inside 23, my group’s proposal, was selected as the name of the experience, connecting to both UNC and Serena Williams. 23 is a well-known reference to Michael Jordan’s jersey number, and Serena Williams has accumulated 23 Grand Slam singles titles so far in her career.

Lunar Jewelers

Art Direction

In MEJO 572, I was assigned to create a fictional brand of my choosing to then develop with a distinct style guide, logo, and art direct a photoshoot centering around the brand’s products. Following the photoshoot, I edited and finalized one of the images in Photoshop and turned it into a print advertisement by adding the brand logo.


Social Media Advertisement

In MEJO 572, we were tasked with creating a digital advertisement that utilized the styling already present on Orbit’s Instagram and seamlessly fit into their existing campaign that connects fresh breath to a positive sex life. We were responsible for taking photos, creating all assets, and putting together the final advertisement in one hour to then present to the class.

Epic Mountain Tour

Logo and Print Advertisement

In MEJO 376, we were to create a fictitious sporting event, centered around a title sponsor, that was then fleshed out with a color palette, logo, products, a slogan, and a print advertisement. Our group came up with the ski tournament called the Epic Mountain Tour, sponsored by Epic Pass. I created the color palette and logo, a simple mountain illustration in which one side is illustrated by a pair of skis. I also created the print advertisement seen here.

Gorilla Glue

Print Advertisement Mock-Up

In MEJO 371, students were given a brand and a specific element to highlight in a print advertisement mock-up. I was tasked with creating an advertisement for Gorilla Glue, meant to focus on the “incredibly strong” aspect of the super glue.



While working as an advertising intern for LabMojo, I proposed multiple logos for consideration to the start-up. They are still in the early stages of branding and hadn’t yet established consistency across platforms or created a social media presence. After going through several designs and color palettes, this is the logo the founder ultimately approved.